Sengled Alexa Light Bulb, WiFi Light Bulbs, Smart Light Bulbs, Smart Bulbs that Work with Alexa & Google Assistant, A19 Daylight (5000K) No Hub Required, 800LM 60W Equivalent High CRI>90, 4 Pack – –

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Voice Control: Sengled WiFi Classic smart bulbs that work with Alexa and Google Assistant. Control your smart light bulbs via voice commands to turn your smart bulbs on/off, create suitable mood scenes, adjust brightness and more, e.g. Switch on the alexa light bulb before getting out of bed, dim the smart lights from the couch to watch a movie. Remote Control: Enhance your smart home with WiFi light bulbs, controlled remotely wherever you are. Set timers and light schedules, automating your smart lights to make it seem like someone is home, even when you are away. You can also create a group for all of your alexa light bulbs, and easily group control your smart light bulbs with Alexa devices or Google Assistant players. Schedule Feature: Easily setup via using Sengled Home App (iOS and Android), turn smart light bulb on/off, dim smart bulb to the desired brightness and set up schedules from anywhere. Program timers and routines to automate your entire smart home lighting setup. Control your smart light bulbs while away from home. Wake Up & Sleep Mode: Easily setup via using Sengled Home App (iOS and Android). Schedule your smart lights to slowly light up. Starting at the set time, the smart bulbs will slowly brighten throughout the timespan you set. Your lights will slowly get brighter in the morning. And you can also schedule your lights to simulate a sunset so that you can fall asleep more naturally every evening. Your bulbs will slowly dim over the timespan you set. No Hub Required: Connect to your home’s secure 2.4GHz WiFi network directly (not support 5GHz); No need for a smart hub or extra equipment. All you need is your smartphone, the Sengled Home App and a 2.4GHz WiFi router to start controlling your smart lights from anywhere. 3-Year Warranty. Live customer service based in the U.S.
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13,00 ر.س25,00 ر.س هذا السعر شامل لضريبة القيمة المضافة

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From Sengled: Smart Lighting Expert. Lighting up the world since 1997

Sengled WiFi Classic Smart Light Bulbs are the simplest way to get started with smart lighting.

No hub is required — just install the LED bulb like a standard light bulb and connect it to your home’s 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Control the bulb through the Sengled Home app (iOS and Android) to manage the smart lights, including adjusting the brightness, setting schedules, creating scenes and monitoring energy.

You can also control the lights with your voice when paired to your Amazon Alexa devices or Google Assistant smart speakers.


1 Count (Pack of 1), 4 Count (Pack of 1)

10 مراجعات لـ Sengled Alexa Light Bulb, WiFi Light Bulbs, Smart Light Bulbs, Smart Bulbs that Work with Alexa & Google Assistant, A19 Daylight (5000K) No Hub Required, 800LM 60W Equivalent High CRI>90, 4 Pack – –

    أغسطس 22, 2020
    PROS: I have a detached garage that I have power ran to and a outside light fixture for security and safety when leaving before dawn to work or coming home late, only problem is I never ran a switch to the house to turn that light on/off and really didn't want to dig another trench and buy more crazy expensive wire to get it working so this is my cheapest solution since i have internet.CONS: It only works if your internet is working, will not work on local internet, can not log into sengled app or Alexa to make it work unlike other devices I own that will work on local internet when there is a outage.
    D. Jones
    أغسطس 13, 2020
    Bulb is nice and bright, especially for a 60 watt equivalent. Setup was quick and easy using the iPhone app and scanning the QR code on the packaging. This bulb does NOT need a hub. Echo skill worked immediately upon enabling. Easy to dim via Alexa, just say “Alexa, dim (name) 50 percent”. Right now, I have no cons. I will be buying more of this brand.
    أغسطس 1, 2020
    I love this product. I put them in the lamps installed the app and they were up and running. You can program them for scheduling lighting in the room, dimming is voice activated and the best part is the lamp remembers what level the light was the last time it’s turned off. Example, walking into to baby’s room at 2:00am and say Google/Alexa “turn on Baby’s room light” and it turns on to 7% which is fantastic not to upset the baby. Highly recommend
    يوليو 12, 2020
    Although the information states "no hub required" I wasn't certain whether the Alexa function through the Ecobee 4 thermostat would control this bulb, but I was very pleased to discover that it does!Set up was pretty easy, install the Sengled app to activate the bulb (i.e., connecting to home WiFi), then provide access through the Alexa app to Sengled.Once that was done, on/off and dimming capability worked perfectly through the Alexa voice control through Ecobee.
    Rene Rains
    مايو 15, 2020
    It took me about 45 minutes to set up the first four bulbs in the ceiling fan in my living room, which also involved watching about half of a YouTube video to figure out the integration with Alexa. After that first one the rest of my lightbulbs went very quickly. I used my iPhone and first I set them up going back-and-forth between the SengledHome app and my Wi-Fi settings and then dealing with the Alexa app. Normally every time I deal with tech it turns out to be a crap show and takes me hours to get anything done but this went surprisingly smooth. I have a light fixture in my kitchen that has four candelabra bases and I wish they made bulbs for that light because I plan to do my entire house. These are the coolest things ever! I remember when smart bulbs were nearly $25 each. These were less than six dollars each so they are budget friendly. A few more points. These are a little bit longer than your standard LED bulbs so the people who say they don’t fit in their fixtures are telling the truth. I have one light in my bathroom it will not fit but a pair of tinsnips will modify the fixture so I can use it. It also says they’re not recommended to be used in fixtures that are completely covered but I’m using them in three covered fixtures currently and they work just fine; 2 are covered by glass and one with plastic. Just being able to get in the bed and then tell Alexa to turn off the bedroom lights in the bedroom has made me very happy with this purchase.
    أبريل 23, 2020
    The bulbs do exactly what I expected it to do, without a hub. I can say that this thing has my Philips Hue beat, but unfortunately I've invested in too many Hue bulbs to replace with the Sengled.I have a second property and these bulbs allow me to set a schedule on when it turns on and off. I had no issues with controlling the bulbs with my android device via the Wifi or network when I am away.If you found my review helpful - PLEASE hit the Helpful button :-)
    أبريل 15, 2020
    I work nights and my street doesn't have any street lights on my end. I was looking for a way to turn my outside Lights on when I came home in the morning without having to leave them on all night running up my electric bill. The pairing was so easy. Use the app and sync with alexa then create a routine and bam I can turn them on when I get home. I've seen some reviews where people had connection issues but the only reason I think they are is due to a poor quality router or it's too far away. Will be buying more to use around the house. Thankfully they have different types available. These are bright. Might be too bright for inside the house.
    Ryan Emerson
    فبراير 10, 2020
    Originally, I had submitted a constructive review of one star since it seems there was no Wi-Fi integration with Alexa. It seemed other users were also having issues logging- in from Alexa skills to link accounts to the Sengled account. After a few tries I realized the integration needs to be done through the Sengled Home app*. Once the account is created it offers to link the account to Alexa. Now I am able to control the light bulbs by voice command. In the spirit of full transparency I am giving this product 5 stars for ease of use and quality for the price.
    Laura Shaw
    يناير 23, 2020
    Wow, isn’t the word I’m looking for because these bulbs are truly amazing. If you are less than tech savvy…these are the bulbs are for you. There’s no need for a hub—If you’re like me, and don’t know what a hub is? Again, you found the right bulbs! You simply screw into lamp, connect to WiFi, and you can use the Sengled App to control your lights or use other apps like Alexa, Siri and others. I’m buying more bulb because I love this product!
    Shane Ball
    يناير 18, 2020
    These bulbs work very nice, the Sengled app works very well to set them up and it has simple integration with Alexa. I like being able to say Alexa Chair light 25% in the morning to wake up to and when they are all on I just have to say, Alexa good night and they all shut off.very convenient.

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