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All-new Sonos Move – Get brilliant sound anywhere with the all-new Sonos Move, the durable, battery-powered smart speaker for outdoor and indoor listening. Easy to use, WiFi and Bluetooth – Setup takes minutes, and control is simple with the Sonos app, AirPlay 2, and your voice. Stream via Bluetooth when WiFi isn’t available. Voice control – Amazon Alexa is built right in so on WiFi you can play music, check news, set alarms, get your questions answered, and more, completely hands free. Brilliant sound anywhere – Experience surprisingly deep bass, a wide soundscape, and automatic Trueplay tuning that perfectly balances the sound for where you are and what you’re listening to. Battery that lasts – Enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous play time and deep, powerful sound. Easily recharge Move on the included base, or a compatible USB-C charger.

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2.163,93 ر.س4.592,00 ر.س هذا السعر شامل لضريبة القيمة المضافة

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10 مراجعات لـ Sonos Move – Battery-Powered Smart Speaker, Wi-Fi And Bluetooth With Alexa Built-In – Lunar White Buy Online at Best Price in KSA – Souq is now Electronics

    Tony R
    سبتمبر 18, 2020
    Plus side: really good sound quality and volume; recharges very quickly; connects easily to Bluetooth devices like phone or pad that have music stored on them; connected very easily to my desktop PC on the house Wi-Fi network and plays everything from my iTunes library using the downloaded app on my phone; connected to my Amazon Music account quickly and I can either play via the Sonos app or by asking the built-in Alexa.Slight negatives: instructions are verging on non-existent - I had to work out most of the set-up for myself, which thankfully was not difficult; it is heavier than I expected, but not uncomfortably so.Grumble: for some reason when using the Alexa function, the wake word cannot be changed. I have several Alexa devices in the home and it would be really useful if this speaker could wake to something different if I have it in the same room as a "permanent" device. I have had to change the wake word on all the other devices just so that this one can be distinct from them if they are temporarily in the same room. Something for Sonos to consider in a future software update and I note it is a grumble on their forum.
    H Jackson
    سبتمبر 6, 2020
    I like this speaker. It produces excellent sound, has good battery life and is solidly built. I shall split my review into several sections:=========================================SOUND QUALITY=========================================* In our home, we have multiple Bluetooth and wifi speakers costing up to around 200 pounds. This Sonos Move speaker is more expensive than anything else that we own and is the loudest speaker that I have experienced.* The sound quality is excellent across almost all volumes. I like a lot of bass in my music and I find the bass on the Sonos Move is deep and satisfying and I give it 10/10 compared to other speakers. I think I have only ever experienced such good bass on one other (also premium) make of portable speaker. The treble is also clear and I give that 10/10. The only slight muddiness I hear is when I push the speaker to near its maximum. At the loudest two or three settings, the midrange gets a little less clear, so I would give that 9/10. To be fair though, it still produces pretty much the best sound quality that I have experienced and we have some great quality portable speakers from some of the leading brands in our home. I think pretty much all speakers produce some distortion at the highest volumes - and most speakers produce considerably more distortion than the Sonos Move.=========================================BUILD QUALITY AND BUTTONS=========================================* The speaker has an IP56 rating. The 5 signifies that the device is mostly protected from dust, so it should be fine in most outdoor scenarios. Particles such as sand should in theory be too large to enter the Sonos Move and damage it. The 6 signifies that the speaker is proof against even powerful jets of water (defined as 100 litres of water per minute) should have no effect on it. For me, that's enough waterproofing that I would be happy to have it by the side of a swimming pool. Even someone jumping into the pool and splashing it should be fine.* I like the built-in handle. From my uploaded photo, you should be able to see that the opening at the back is plenty deep enough for me to insert my fingers into it and carry the speaker around.* There are three buttons on the top of the speaker. The middle one is clearly play/pause. The left one is to reduce the volume; the right one is to increase the volume.* You can also skip forwards and back on tracks. Often, speakers have buttons that can be long pressed or double pressed in order to skip forwards or backwards, but not on the Sonos Move. Instead, you swipe your finger left to right across all three buttons in order to skip forwards; swipe from right to left across all three buttons in order to skip backwards.* The bottom of the speaker is constructed of thick rubber or silicone. To me, this thick base looks as if it should offer a great level of drop resistance - more than many other speakers I've encountered.* The speaker also comes with a fabric travel bag. I took the final photo mere minutes after receiving the speaker, and you can see that the bag is covered by a few bits of fluff - I suspect that the material of the bag will attract dirt and dust. This bag will only protect the speaker from scratches rather than knocks, but it's nice to get a bag to go along with the speaker.=========================================BATTERY AND CHARGING=========================================* Playing it at a moderately loud volume, I think I managed to get 4 or 5 hours of battery life out of the Sonos Move.* I like the two charging options. You can see from my third photo that there is a charging cradle. Simply lower the base of the speaker into the cradle and it charges. But there is also a USB-C receiving slot if you wish to charge it using a USB-C cable (which was NOT provided).* When fully charged, the LED light on the top/front of the speaker turned to green.=========================================SET UP, APP AND SOFTWARE=========================================* I downloaded the Android version of the Sonos app onto my phone. Once it had been installed, it took me about 3 minutes to set up the Sonos Move on our wifi network. I found the instructions on the app very straightfoward - the app was probably a bit better than some of the other apps produced by other manufacturers. Setting up the app and my speaker did involve providing my email address and setting up an account, but this was all free and not complicated.* I also set up the Sonos Move so that it would take voice commands via Google Assistant. I find that it is quite good at responding to commands such as "Play classical music", "Play Adele", "Turn the volume up" and "Turn the volume down". The only time that it does not respond so well is when the music is quite loud - then the microphone does not always hear me when I say "OK Google".=========================================OVERALL=========================================* I really like the speaker. It is a heavy speaker that to me says something about its build quality and robustness. It produces excellent music quality (with only a little muddiness at maximum and near maximum volume) and produces quite loud sound for a fairly compact speaker. Really enjoying listening to it and operating it hands-free using the Google Assistant.
    Mark Eidem
    أغسطس 13, 2020
    Useable outside of the Sonos eco-system, but works far better if part of a Sonos system. Can be set up with Apple, Amazon and Google assistannts and play music etc from these providers. Also Spotify and lots of internet Radio stuff.Excellent streaming on Wi-fi with great sound. Anything else is just a speaker inside a soft drinks can !Bluetooth and battery operation also excellent.
    Paul P
    أغسطس 1, 2020
    There is nothing to dislike about the Sonos Move. I already had a Sonos system, with speakers in most rooms, but always wanted to be able to have the same sound quality outside, without taking a speaker out on an extension lead. Sonos Move was the answer, I agree it is a bit expensive, but, once in use, the cost was soon forgotten. I'm able to listen to all my favourite music at a low level and still retain top quality sound. Anywhere! It's also Bluetooth, so if your Wi-Fi range isn't great, you can stream straight from a mobile device. Easy to set-up, but you will have to upgrade to the Sonos 2 App. The Move set itself up, and the quality is equal to a Play 3. If you're a serious music lover, it's worth every penny to have quality sound, wherever you are. Enjoy your favourite music with a glass of wine sat on the patio. Five stars!
    Mr White
    يوليو 2, 2020
    When I was looking at reviews on this speaker before purchasing, Amazon's top review was a 1 star review with a title "Disgraceful". It's basically about Sonos stopping support after 10 years. This practice goes for the whole of the electronics industry full stop. Some manufacturers do this after 5 years or even less. Unfortunately, we live in a throw away society, which was driven by very cheap electronics. Plus this speaker might last 15 years. Just because support stops after 10 years, doesn't mean the speaker will suddenly stop working.How many people spend £1,200 + on a iPhone every other year? This a is £400 speaker with a 2 year guarantee which will be serviceable for 10 years, and Sonos offer a service to replace the built-in battery.Anyway, enough of that. Perhaps the reviews should reflect the quality of the product, and not a gripe with the company.In my opinion this is one of the best sounding portable speakers I've heard to date. The bass extension is extraordinary. Very easy set-up, no issues what so ever. The build is incredibly solid.PLEASE NOTE you do need to download the Sonos app, create an account, and register the product via your home Wi-Fi network before you can use bluetooth.The speaker is disabled straight out of the box until you complete this set-up, so you can't buy this at the airport and use it straight away with your phone via bluetooth.After the set up, you don't even have to use the Sonos app to run the speaker if you don't want to.You can use any music player via bluetooth on your android device (sorry, don't know about iOS). I use Poweramp as my main music player, and have no issues using it with the Sonos Move.
    Big G
    يونيو 27, 2020
    Firstly, a few things to add:1. These are not cheap and there are cheaper alternatives available.2. I have bought into the SONOS ecosystem fully and have them in a few rooms so they were always going to be my first port of call for a portable speaker to use in the garden (mostly).With the feeling that spring has sprung and a bit of a tidy to the garden at the weekend, thoughts shifted to how nice it would be to have decent quality speakers out there. I wasn't aware of the Move and actually was originally thinking of the Roam. Bit of research later though and some mental justification of the price and I was sold on the Move.Turned up next day. Beautifully packaged and presented as always with SONOS. First impressions, it's BIG. It feels solid and it's pretty heavy. But the handle on the back means it feels good in the hand and is portable. It's not a speaker that you would chuck in the suitcase to take on holiday (that is the Roam I think) but it seems great for our plan - use it in the kitchen and walk it out into the garden when we're out there.Set up was straightforward. Had to update the app but it walks you through it all. And was working in a matter of minutes. Had read some comments about issues if you are running wifi extenders but we are running a wifi mesh and I just walked it from the bottom of the house, up 3 floors (and past 2 access points) and it worked great.Sound is very nice, as you'd expect. More base than a SONOS 1 (but to be expected as it is bigger than the 1) and I haven't played with the base / treble yet so very promising start. I'm genuinely mystified by a couple of reviews saying they were disappointed with the sound. Other than that, it does what I wanted from it. And it's a good looking unit (better than the SONOS 1 according to the other half) so will take pride of place in the kitchen and the 1 is relegated to another room.
    G. Clarke
    يونيو 26, 2020
    SONOS MOVEFirstly this is a review from an existing SONOS household, I have Play 1, One, 3,5 playbar and beam. So have a lot to compare with.Why we bought it – wanted an outside speaker in the garden to be used for BBQ’s, gardening etc.I had looked at various other outdoor speakers but they are either small / Bluetooth only or require physical install and are expensive.1. Uboxing and setup – As usual the SONOS comes well packaged which is easy to take everything out. Setup for an existing SONOS user was very easy, plug in > open sonos app > add new device > name device . Done (I used apple).2. Sound quality – I would say the quality is on par with a play ONE/1 but has a slight more stereo edge, the volume goes reasonably high. No difference fixed on portable on wifi.3. Portability – has a nice little handle on the back and not to heavy to easy to transport within the home, not sure I would take out of the home. WIFI Coverage it uses dual band (unlike previous SONOS products) so I was able to use it everywhere in the house and garden.4. Battery life – I put it on for 8 hours on wifi in the garden and it only dropped to about 50% so a great battery life.Positives1. Sounds much better than Bluetooth only portable speakers2. When connected to WIFI smart functions (i.e. google/alexa/streaming)3. IP56 (so dust and water resistance)4. Easy setup5. WIFI RangeNegatives to consider1. Expensive when its really like a SONOS 12. If you dropped it would break for sure3. At Wifi edge range hard to workout when to switch to bluetooth
    يونيو 18, 2020
    The Sonos Move is a superb speaker either on its own or as a multiform speaker part of the sonos network.This is a comparison with the bose portable home speaker which I also have.1.SOUND. Sonos the sound is fantastic, bass is great, mids and highs also very good. it get very loud, there is an equaliser in the app, so you can adjust bass treble and loudness. Bose, sound is good, but I found the bass was too much even after adjusting it in the Bose music app. its also not as clear or loud as the Sonos.2.BATTERY. I played the move at 50% volume and got 10hours and 37 minutes before it stopped playing that was when it got down to 5% on the app which I think must be a battery safeguard. Quite honestly if you were to play the move at anything above 70% then its way too loud for me. Even at 80% it does not distort.The BOSE speaker is got 9hours 25minutes on 50% volume and at 70-80% volume the bass completely ruined everything for me.3.APPEARANCE AND PORTABILITY. both are good looking speakers the Bose is more portable because of the weight but the Sonos can be moved around quite easily.CONCLUSION. Its a no brainer for me if you want sound quality its the Sonos by a country mile, if you want portability then its the Bose.The Sonos can be paired with another move for stereo (expensive) the Bose cannot be paired for stereo.Post script. One con I have found is that the battery deletes if the speaker is not on its base ie From 100% overnight ton56% 14 hours later,will update on this.Added thoughts, Bluetooth has not been good keeps losing connection,sound also not as full as with internet connection. 8 months later and through lockdown this speaker still sounds outstanding. Battery life is good considering how often I’m 7using it. 9.5 out of ten.
    مايو 15, 2020
    I've got a few Sonos speakers but the price tag on this one made me hesitate for a while. Value for money is a very personal issue so you'll have to decide that one for yourself! Unlike some of the horror reviews on here, the set up process was very simple and fast. The app found the new speaker instantly, it joined the network in under a minute and the Alexa app told me it had automatically added it as well. After a brief update of all products, lasting about 20 seconds, it was playing music.The sound quality is very much up to Sonos' standards and the Truetone made some adjustment very quickly. The idea I can just pick this up and take it anywhere was the selling point for me. It feels solid and you might not want to carry it too far, but it's not so heavy as to make that impossible either.This is certainly an investment to ponder over unless you can afford to chuck £400 about without much thought, but you effectively get a high quality speaker you can use anywhere in your home, garden and beyond so it does the job of several speakers. Even if you do feel you've got this wrong, this is likely to have a decent re-sale value for some time so you're unlikely to lose all your money!
    مارس 24, 2020
    I've only been buying Sonos products for about a year. I started off with a 5 and a pair of Sonos 1's. Both products have been super impressive. However, i wasn't quite prepared for just how good this Sonos Move is. I come from a music background (DJ/producer of 20+ years) so audio quality is something very very important to me and i'm super fussy. I've been using this in my garden for over a month now and it just fills my garden with wonderful sound, deep warm bass and clear mid-range and nice clean highs. Sit it on the ground in front of a wall, or in a corner and it will blow you away. A friend remarked that it was 'like having a club in your back garden'. Because the sound is so rich and full, you don't even need to have it up that loud, so it's perfect if like me you have neighbours close by.Everything I'd come to expect from a Sonos speaker is in the Move. It's genuinely brilliant. I've never heard sound as good as this in a portable speaker before. Yes it is on the expensive side, but i have to say it's been worth every penny so far.Pros:Sound quality (up there with Sonos 5).Portability - dead easy to move around, the handle is great. It's good and heavy though.Battery - 10 hours, recharges really quickly - the charging dock is super convenientBluetooth - option to switch it over to Bluetooth if wifi an issueIntegration with the rest of Sonos system is perfect - multi-room audioWifi extender - can stream from Wifi a good distance from houseCons:There is only thing i can put here and it's not even to do with the speaker. The speaker can stream your audio up to 50m away from router (according to tests i've seen). However, your phone needs to be able to access the same router from 50m away if you want to access the Sonos app, as it needs wifi. This is more a limitation of the phone than Sonos. What i do is start my playlist in house and then take the speaker outside, it does some kind of buffering which means you can take it further away from you house and it never drops.

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