VANANCE Smart Light Bulbs 4Pack with Remote, WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled A19 E26 80W Equivalent LED Color Changing Light Bulbs, RGBCW Dimmable Smart Home Lighting Work with Alexa Google Assistant – –

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About this item VIVID COLORS: Customize your smart home lighting with millions of colors, daylight colors for working and reading, warm colors for relaxing and resting, rgb dyniamic colors for party, what’s more! the dimmable light can work as night light which helps your sleep better VOICE CONTROL: VANANCE smart light bulbs work with alexa, google assistant and siri etc, hands-free control with your color changing smart home (dual band wifi router or 2.4ghz only, no hub required, do not use with dimmers) LIGHTING AUTOMATION: Easy to create timers and routines to automate your smart home lighting, simulated sunrise and sunset light function make it like real scene SPECIAL FEATURES: ① Control this alexa light bulb via a WIRELESS REMOTE; ② Remotely control smart home lighting anywhere you are; ③ BLUETOOTH CONTROL, WiFi & Bluetooth two connenctions available, you can choose either of them, that means it can work as BLUETOOTH BULB when you don’t have WiFi (App: Surplife or Magic Home) ENERGY SAVING: Low wattage, high brightness, environmentally friendly, the 9 watts color changing led will save up to 80% energy consumption compared with a 80w edison bulb while saving your money, suitable for home, indoor, bedroom, kitchen, living room, table lamp, cafe, bar, party etc
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9,08 ر.س30,29 ر.س هذا السعر شامل لضريبة القيمة المضافة

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1PACK, 4PACK with Remote

10 مراجعات لـ VANANCE Smart Light Bulbs 4Pack with Remote, WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled A19 E26 80W Equivalent LED Color Changing Light Bulbs, RGBCW Dimmable Smart Home Lighting Work with Alexa Google Assistant – –

    سبتمبر 6, 2020
    These bitches are brighter than my future, comes with a nice little remote.
    أغسطس 1, 2020
    Just got them, I was worried because they are very light in weight but so far it's great. Easy to setup a account on the app and the app is easy to use.
    Jacob C.
    أغسطس 1, 2020
    I had always wanted to get the Phillips Hue Bulbs, but the exorbitant price had always kept me away. After discovering these bulbs, I figured I'd give them a try... Come to find out, they're AWESOME! The app is nice and works great, and provides a lot of options. They also don't require a seperate WiFi hub!! I was pretty stoked. Planning on getting the whole house on board!
    يوليو 12, 2020
    The media could not be loaded.  This Smart lightbulb connects to your phone (with the free Magic Home app) and can be set to any fixed color, produce on/off and varied intensity patterns, be set to look like a flickering candle, and respond to any sound from your phone microphone, music you are playing, videos, or camera. I can imagine a room of these at a party producing dancing colors in sync with the music adding another level of intensity to the event. Or, you can set this to candle mode for a soft flickering light to set the mood down low. There are also simple settings like warm and cool white that are easily set and the brightness is controllable for all modes. When you turn it off and back on, it remembers the last mode it was set to. And there are user presets where you can save your own custom modes. Plus it has a settable timer with varied brightness mode so your light will come on gradually as the sun goes down or when you are coming home at night.Linking to the bulb is easy using the app, though you have to choose one of your wireless networks that is on 2.4GHz to communicate to the bulb. If your network automatically switches between 2.4 and 5GHz modes, the bulb won’t be controllable when on 5 GHz, so best to choose a fixed WLAN 2.4GHz mode.Since this is an LED lightbulb with multiple independent Red, Green, and Blue colored LEDs and also Warm and Cool White LEDs that are mixed to produce any color, it is very energy efficient as compared to an equivalent light output filament bulb (Edison bulb). That said, the lower portion near the base of the bulb where the controller is does get pretty warm when the bulb is set to full brightness. BUT, this temperature is nowhere near the temperature of the old filament type bulbs, so is perfectly safe. With a room temperature of 73F, the Bulb base was a maximum of 160F (can’t touch for too long) and the bulb glass was a maximum of 113F (you can touch and remove without concern). This was with the bulb set to maximum power draw (warm white), all other settings are a bit cooler. This was my only initial concern with this lightbulb but it is so much more energy efficient than filament bulbs, it’s really a non-issue. But being curious, I took some power consumption data.Data taken on the power drawn:Mode Brightness Watts Volt-Amps Power Factor AmpsCool White 100 8.7W 13.9VA 0.63 0.11AWarm White 100 8.8 14.1 0.61 0.11Red (255,0,0) 100 2.8 5.5 0.54 0.04Green (0,255,0) 100 2.8 5.4 0.54 0.04Blue (0,0,255) 100 2.8 5.4 0.54 0.04Violet (255,0,255) 100 5.1 9.1 0.58 0.07BlueGreen(0,255,255) 100 5.0 8.7 0.58 0.07YellowOrange(255,76,0) 100 3.5 6.0 0.56 0.05Candle (set to High) 100 2.0-2.8 4.3-5.3 0.49-0.55 0.03-0.04Music Controlled by Music 1.5-4.0 4.1-6.4 0.43-0.55 0.01-0.05Microphone talking into Phone 1.6-3.9 2.8-5.9 0.54-0.49 0.02-0.0560W LED Bulb (for comparison) 8.5 12.2 0.69 0.10100W LED Bulb (for comparison) 14.0 23.3 0.60 0.19As you can see the maximum power draw is just under 9 watts. For those technical folks, you will notice the power factor is down around 0.5, so this raises the true volt-amp (VA) power consumption to just under 15VA maximum. This might be something the designers could look into improving but the power drawn is so low it doesn’t really matter much to your electric bill.The bulb is pretty bright in cool and warm white. Compared to 60W and 100W equivalent LED bulbs I also tested (see data above), my ‘calibrated eye’ does put it between the 2 for brightness, though closer to the 60W brightness, so I would say the claimed 80W of equivalent light is a little on the high side, it is closer to the 60W bulb. Also, the power draw of this smart bulb is closer to the 60W equivalent LED bulb I tested than the 100W equivalent LED bulb. Note that the power factor of those standard LED bulbs is also on the low side (the power factor scale has a maximum of 1.0 for a purely resistive load). For the other color modes and with music, etc., the light output is lower of course.I attached some photos and video of the bulb responding to music. Only 1 video was allowed so I used one with music but the candle mode is very nice too. We’ve enjoyed this bulb and it’s not that much more expensive than some standard LED bulbs. It’s fun to play with and has a lot of potential uses. And it can behave like a standard cool or warm while bulb also if you just want to read a book. The dimmable feature is also very nice if you wanted to turn it down really low as a night light. 5 Stars from me.
    Military History Nerd
    يونيو 18, 2020
    I had some Sengular lights that were Wifi only, and I constantly had to reconnect them one at a time, and they often wouldn't. I got these bulbs instead with Bluetooth, and now they connect almost instantly, and hardly ever lose connection to start. Also the colors seem much deeper, the brightness control is better. All around perfect 10/10
    أبريل 23, 2020
    Did I mention great price point! I love these bulbs. No more getting up and turning off the light. These use a app to control them and that app offers so many functions its mind blowing. You can also group several together in the app to control them with one at once, for example I have 4 in my ceiling fan I grouped together as one.--App Functions--Daylight or soft warm white.Any color.Beats to music.Beats to your mic on phone for custom sounds.Movie mode dims and does whatever based on the movie your watching.Candlelight mode and has different type flicker settings.Camera mode I assume changes color based on object in camera views color?.On and on, I can't name allOnly downside to these bulbs is if the loose power a few times by turning off the switch you'll have to re-add them to the app (re-settle that bulb)Also the brightness isn't that bright, description says 80watt equivalent but more like 60max in my opinion, just wished these were brighter or vender had a brighter bulb to choose from 100watt or 150watt. Not a deal breaker but definitely a bummer
    Michael Russell
    أبريل 17, 2020
    These light bulbs were a great deal and did perform as described. I did have to sign up for an app called Magic Home Pro though, with said app they connected flawlessly to WiFi. I then opened the Alexa app. clicked on "more", the skills and games, searched for Magic Home and Alexa found the light bulbs without any issues. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
    فبراير 22, 2020
    Purchased these for a floor lamp I have with 5 bulb slots. They are super easy to install by following the steps in the instructions/app. I use these every day. So many colors and customizations. I really like the warm vs. cool light, and I use the alarm feature so that my lights automatically turn on at the time I wake up every morning and it helps me wake up faster. Love the convenience of controlling everything from the app. Every now and then they'll disconnect and need recalibrating, but is likely more to do with my internet and a common side effect of using these types of bulbs. Was never able to get the remote connected and working, but with the app I just don't see a use for it anyway.
    C. Althof
    يناير 23, 2020
    Amazing value - you're getting 4 bulbs for the price of a single Phillips bulb. The light quality is very good too. I'm impressed by the range of color, plus the warm and cool white light. If I were to have any criticism, it's that the app maybe could use some UI work, though it's really not bad. Inclusion of a non-app remote is a bonus, too. You can program multiple lights to use the same remote. I've got 15 of these in my game room, and they all work together beautifully. Also want to point out that if you set the lights to straight blue, they essentially function as blacklight bulbs.
    يناير 18, 2020
    I use it frequently its millions of different colors. Gives a whole new and different likeable appearance to my room. Satisfied. App is easy to use. Thank you seller for this item quality and prompt shipping.

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